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1993 Tokaji Essencia

Tokaji Essencia
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Jahrgang: 1993
Standort: Mezözombor
Alkoholgehalt: 4.5 % vol
Restzuckergehalt: 550 g/l
Säuregehalt: 12.5 g/l
Inhalt: 0.5 l

Enthält Sulfite.

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(Fassprobe, keine kommerzielle Abfüllung)

98 Punkte
Wine Spectator
95.8 Punkte Cellartracker Average Score

What an amazing wine...perfectly balanced between rich, luscious peaches, honey, and nectar and acidity/lemon...went perfectly with chocolate cake, banana tart, and semifreddo. 99 Points." Review (2010)

"An incredibly complex and rich wine, with myriad tastes and smells, but the wine suffers a bit from an overwhelmingly syrupy mouth feel followed by a tang/tartness finish. The nose gives off aromas of persimmon, honey, fig, brown sugar, and caramel while the viscous liquid tastes like canned peaches and raisins. I don't know if more time in the bottle will tame the syrup...the wine is delicious with fruit for dessert but is just a bit too honey/rich/sweet. ADDITIONAL INSIGHT -- we drank half the bottle, so I had another glass of room-temperate wine 24 hours later, and the wine tasted much more balanced and structured and was quite delicious...still a bit sweet but much less syrupy a day later. We decided to undertake a little test, so we poured a glass for the refrigerator and kept a glass out on the counter. An hour later, we tasted the two glasses and proclaimed the room temperature one superior...the cold one lost the depth and complexity. Our conclusion: open the bottle the night before a tasting or at least decant several hours before and then serve the wine just slightly chilled (perhaps 10-15 min in the refrigerator). 95 points." Review (2007)

"Brown syrup; extremely viscous. Smells like figs, caramel, orange marmalade, honey, exotic fruit flambé. Extremely sweet (550 g/L!!!), moderately acidic, with moderate alcohol. Great length and persistence, but I expected greater complexity; it is too simple. How does one rate this wine??" Review (2007)
Tasted at Bibenda Day 2007 (AIS, Parco dei Principi, Rome)

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