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item nr.: DSZ-AE88
Tokaji Aszú Eszencia 1988

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winery: DISZNÓKÖ
location: Mezözombor
year: 1988
vineyard: Disznókö (1st Class Growth)

alcoholic content: 11,0 % vol
residual sugar content: over 180 g/l
content: 0,5 l

margin sceme acc. §25a UStG.

"Ran into the glass dark brown with a clear turbidity. In the nose classic oxidative Tokaji with typical forest soil and marzipan aromas. On the palate, dried fruits (particularly apricot), butterscotch (with salty notes), caramel, very ripe and absolutely harmonious acid, which is perfectly balanced with the sweetness (with Aszú Eszencia at least 180 g/L)."
95/100 Points

Tasting notes from

"... Then I nosed it. Exquisite. Caramel, figs, orange peel, peach – hard to describe but at that point I grinned looked at my dinner partners and tasted it. The palate was amazing. Superbly sweet but very balanced with just a touch of acidity. I poured for my guests and we all loved it. Then I took another sip and fully washed my mouth with it. Then it happened - I ran it across the top of my palate and it exploded in flavour! New scents. New acidity. It became sweeter and yet more balanced. Everything I was enjoying about it just became intensely magnified. Hard to describe how intense the flavour was. I was really enjoying it when tasting it with my tongue and the inside of my mouth, the experience of having the full palate was amazing. It was so much more wine than all of the lovely Tokaj 5 puttonyos that I regularly enjoy. 95 points."
(Nov 2009)

"Copper nut brown color. Nutty sherry nose with orange peel notes. Some orange sweetness and nut notes on the palate ..."
(Oct 2008)

"Brown. The nose is classic "old style" Tokaji with a touch of oxidation, much coffee, botrytis, citrus and even earthiness. The palate is very sweet, again a touch oxidised, highly acidic, long and very balanced ..."
(Nov 2005)

"Deep amber. Fairly simply nose of dried prunes, figs, raisens and Creme Brulee. Medium bodied with nice cleansing acidity. Very long and earthy finish ..."
(Nov 2005)

Contains sulfite.

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Tokajer Wine Tokaji

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our price: € 185,00
incl. 0% VAT, excl. shipping costs
(price per liter: 370,00 €/l)

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