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The Andrássy winery was founded in 1999 by the entrepreneur Jószef Szabó, and built over the cellars of the Rákóczi Mansion in Tarcal. Most of the 20 hectares are in the First Growth Szentkereszt vineyard at Bodrogkeresztúr. Its loess soils define the character of the Andrássy wines, made by winemaker László Gervald. The name of the winery refers to the famous Count Gyula Andrássy, who was the first Hungarian prime minister following the Compromise with Austria in 1867.


Barnabás Radics is the owner and chief winemaker of the Barra Winery in Szerencs, where the estate has its own cellar which was built in the 1800s. In 2007, he started his boutique winery by growing 0.4 hectares of his own and 2 hectares of rented vineyards, which were later extended to 8 hectares. The vineyards are located in Rátka in the Isten-hegy vineyard and in Szerencs in the Kőporos vineyard, both being rated First Class Growths.


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This Sárospatak seated winery was founded in 1992, together with Château Megyer, by their French owners. Their shared winery owns the Rákóczi Cellar in Sárospatak, close to the castle. This cellar is one of the oldest estates of the wine region. The name Pajzos refers to a vineyard in Bodrogolaszi. The winery cultivates around 70 hectares of vineyards there. Château Pajzos is member of the “Tokaj Renaissance” foundation of classified vineyards of Tokaj.


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In 1992 the winery Disznókö was founded by French insurance company AXA Millésimes SA. The winery manages 100 hectares of vineyards on the Disznókö hill, which is one of the most famous vineyards of the region During the imperial era it was property of the Lónyai family, which also built the legendary Yellow Wine House. The Austrian Archbishop Joseph had here once a vineyard as well. The barrels for maturation are stored in Mád, in former cellars of the noble families Andrassy and Csáky. As one between few wineries Disznókö uses the Zeta grape variety for making Aszú. The winery is a founding member of the “Tokaj Renaissance” foundation of classified vineyards of Tokaj, and was Hungary's Winery of the Year in 2005.


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The Dorogi winery was founded by the two brothers Zsolt and István Dorogi. Before, István Dorogi was the winemaker of the Pendits winery, owned by Martá Wille-Baumkauff. Today the brothers Dorogi grow vines on almost 7 hectares of cultivated area, mainly on Tarcal's hills Barát, Elöhegy, Thurzó, Mestervölgy und Mogyorós. Some of the tracts around Tarcal have been classified as First Class Growths around 1800, within the world´s first vineyard classification, because of their location on the Tokaj hill that leaves open space towards sun from east to west, so they can be shined be the sun the whole day long without interruption. The wines of the Brothers Dorogi are stored in an old cellar in Tarcal with a capacity of 150 hectolitres.


In 1502, the Garai family selected the best 7 parcels of the Tokaj Mountain, hence the name: Hét-Szőlő ("7 parcels of vineyard"). Later, the Estate was acquired by a series of prestigious owners, including Gáspár Károli (translator of the Bible), followed by Gábor Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania, the Rákóczi family, and finally the Imperial Habsburg family. The parcels of the Tokaj-Hétszőlő Estate were classed as Premier Cru in 1772. After WWII, the property deteriorated. Only in 1991, the estate was rediscovered and underwent a renaissance. The domain was expanded with the acquisition of the prestigious Rákóczi cellar in Tokaj and the Rákóczi-Dessewffy castle. ln 2009, Michel Reybier (also owner of Château Cos d'Estournel and Château Marbuzet) acquired the winery, which owns now more than 55 hectares of vineyards on prestigious sites such as Hétszőlő, Nagyszőlő, Kis-Garai and Lencsés.


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Wines from the family vineyard Illés Pince, leaded by János Illés, have been grown on four hectares of cultivated area on the hills Huza, Lapis and Serfözö. Another six hectares on the famous Mulato-hill are cultivated at this time. The family owns four winecellars, the oldest one is from the time of the Tartare invasion during the 13th century. The twofloored main cellar in Erdöbénye with its capacity of 40.000 litres has seven corridors, two of them belonged to the cellar of the legendary chieftain Rákóczi.


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This artisinal Winery was founded in 2010 by Gábor Matyisák and his wife, Anikó Vízkeleti. Her ancestor, Count Vízkeleti, was not only known for producing the best Szamorodni wines in the region in the 19th century, but also for having lost estates and cellars at gambling. The Matyisák cooper family with a good reputation for their barrels all over the Tokaj region. The handcrafted style in their wines is enforced through the fact that they use Szerednyi barrels of their own production to create an even better and recognizable unique style. Their wines come from vineyards around Tarcal, such as Barát, Elöhegy, Thurzó, Mestervölgy, Mogyorós, Desseffwy and Veresek.


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In 1993, the Spanish wine producer Vega Sicilia founded the winery Tokaj Oremus, which was selected as “Winery of the Year” in 2001. A total of 115 hectares of vineyards are found in 12 excellent growths, amongst them famous 1st Class Growths such as Deák, Henye, Cziróka, Gyopáros, Mandulás, Szentvér, Kútpatka and Oremus, which gave the name to the winery. Oremus was the vineyard from which Chaplain Laczkó Szepsi harvested the botrytised grapes to make the first Aszú ever, to present it to Prince Rákóczi’s wife Zsuzsanna Lorántffy for Easter in 1631. The grape variety for this first Aszú was – Oremus (today named Zéta).


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Pannon Tokaj is a fully Hungarian-owned winery in Tolcsva, founded in 2000. The cellar owns 20 hectares of land in some of the most reputable vineyards around Tolcsva and Olaszliska, which are Kincsem, Som, Budaházi, Rány, Mulató and Szegi. The Dominium exclusive range receives 6 to 24 months small barrel ageing (220 l). The wines of Pannon Tokaj have been successfully launched in Sweden, Germany, Russia, Spain, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.


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This family-winery was founded by Antal Pauleczki sen. and is one of the bigger producers in Tokaj-Hegyalja with its 45 hectares of cultivated area. The vines grow on famous hills around Tolcsva, which are Mandulás, Szentvér (“Holy Blood”) and also Kincsém (“My Lovey”), which was formerly Baron Waldbott´s property. Today the company is leaded by the founder´s children Antal Pauleczki and Dr. Zsuzsanna Pauleczki.


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Sárazsadány is a small village with a history dating back to the 1300s. It was given to the Marcel family by King Béla IV. Among its owners there are István Bocskai, Ferenc Rákóczi I, then Prince Bretzenheim and the last one Prince Elemér Lónyay. The Porgányi Family winery was founded here in 2004, and cultivates today 15 hectares vineyards on the tracts Elöhegy, Köveshegy, Haraszt and Rányi.


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The Royal Tokaji Wine Company, founded in 1990, has become one of the most defining wineries in Tokaj. It is the oldest winery founded by foreign investors, including Hugh Johnson, one of the most renowned wine authors in the world. From the outset, Royal Tokaji decided to concentrate on producing single-vineyard wines, made from the first growth vineyards of Nyulaszo, Szt Tamas and Betsek, as well as Mezes Maly, which is one of the two great first growths in the region. In 2010, Royal Tokaji won a place in the Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries of the Year.


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This company was founded in 1994 by Sándor Simkó, whose family is growing and producing wine for several generations. The winery´s cellar is very close to the Rákócsi-Castle of Sárospatak. The own cultivated area has almost 12 hectares of size, on winehills such as Királyhegy in Sárospatak, Zsádany in Sárazsádany and Kincsem near Tolcsva. The wines are matured traditionally in oxidative style, base wine and Aszúberries are always from the same year.


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The Szepsy family started winegrowing in Tokaj-Hegyalja already by the end of the 16th century. István Szepsy, who is one of Hungary´s most important winemakers (Winemaker of the Year 2001), developed his winery continuously, after his father lost the major part of his vineyards after the World War II. Today, István Szepsy´s wines are amongst the best in the Tokaj region. He focuses on radical limitation of harvest (maximum 400 litres of Aszú per hectar). Not only the aszú berries, also the berries for the base wine are manually selected. Today the winery owns 63 hectares of cultivated area at premium sites such as Kiraly near Mád (“King´s Hill”), Danczka, Urágya, Betsek and Nyulas.


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After purchasing a 400-years-old estate (formerly owned by an Hungarian noble family) in the historical village of Mád, three musicians from Germany founded Tokaj Classic in 1998. They cultivate 14.5 hectares of vineyards in the excellent Mád-seated sites Juharos, Betsek and Kiraly. By now with six gold medals at the International Wine & Spirit Competition of London the winery Tokaj Classic is Hungary´s most successful at this prestigious competition.


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This medium-sized winery was founded by Miklós Bene in 1998, and was developed one year later within the PHARE-program. Tokajbor-Bene cultivates an area of 7 hectares at the hills Lapis, Szepsy, Kisvár, Kastély and Dereszla. The wines mature in a traditional cellar in Bodrogkeresztúr, which was built by the Count Máriassy into loam terrain and which is devided into several floors. The grapes for the growthselected Aszú wines are harvested at the Szepsy-dülö, a small tract on the slopes of the Kövago hill.


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Established in 1993 by Vince Gergely, the Úri Borok winery is a family company with 10,4 ha vineyards in three different sites: Bojta, Danczka and the prominent Szent Tamás vineyard, of which they have the most beautiful part, the southern slope. The management is determined by low yields and late, selective harvest. Grape processing and aging take place in their 400 meter long and over 300 years old cellar, which was formerly owned by Baron Orczy. The name Úri Borok refers to a winery which existed in Mád between the World Wars. This producer is member of the “Tokaj Renaissance” foundation of classified vineyards of Tokaj, and was rated "outstanding", amongst Szepsy and Royal Tokaji, in Parker´s Wine Buyer´s Guide.


Dr Krisztián Ungváry is one of Hungary's most famous historians and works as a wine writer since 1993. He bought his first vineyards in 1996. The estate in the scenic Erdöbénye harvests mainly from the Vayi vineyard with Furmint vines which were planted by the Baron Vay family a hundred years ago. This vineyard was classified "optima vinea 1 classis" already in 1683. This one-man boutique winery with a production of less than only 8.000 bottles per year owns 2.5 ha of vineyards with Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály, Furmint, Pinot Noir, Zéta and Kövérszőlő. The online magazine "Offbeat Budapest" names him among the "25 of the Top Winemakers In Tokaj".

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