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2002 Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos

Tokaji Aszú 6 puttonyos
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Year: 2002
Grape Varieties: 48% Furmint. 44% Hárslevelü. 8% Muscat Lunel
Vineyard: Danczka. Lapis
Maturation (Years): 3
Alcoholic Content: 10% vol
Residual Sugar Content: 216 g/l
Sugarfree Extracts: 54 g/l
Acidity: 9.5 g/l
Content: 0.5 l

Contains sulfite.

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"Words, gestures, prose and poetry all fail me in conveying the joys inherent in this wine even now in its blushing youth. Istvan Szepsy is gifted with talents, old vines and some of the best plots in the entire world. You can take that to the bank. Lovely melons, plum flesh, honey, and apricots only begin to describe the aromas that rise and work the mind into a successive zoetrope of moving memories. Green plums lift on the tongue and a faint bean curd combines with a botrytised scent that weaves the senses of smell, taste and texture into a greater whole –and this is only a baby! This is only just begun... Many have spent great lengths of their life before discovering the joys of Tokaji only to suffer the grief of knowing any new vintage they then cellar may never reach the great age and complexity they deserve. Trust one who admonishes for the sake of sharing a deep love: start young and buy Tokaji of all ages –you will never regret having them and they only get better –even long beyond our graves! 10.03% alcohol by volume [the man is exacting!]"
Nicholas Livingston, Dec 2010

"... oak, caramel, dry pineapple nose. Vanilla on the palate, oak needs time to integrate, TBA-like clarity, excelent balance and acidity. long finish. This is the new face of Tokaji ... and WOW :) 93 points."
2005 Botrytis Forum, New York

"A big nose, full of apricot tart scents. Superb balance on the palate. Very fine acidity. Top stuff. 94 points.", Feb 2008

"This wine is definitely as good as it gets. A bright deep amber color. A nose of toffee, nuts and almost a honey/mead quality. Somewhat sweet and rich, honeyed, with dried fruits and roasted nuts, but still maintaining a beautiful level of acidity. A finish that keeps you begging for more. Extremely elegant, but by all means not underpowered.", Aug 2008

"Amber; Tea! coffee (clean), orange-honey, petrol notes; teeth hurting sugar; bounce of lemons in rich petrol fin; orange lemon drop fin, tangy sweet; spicy! 94 points.", Jul 2009

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