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1993 Tokaji Aszú Eszencia

Tokaji Aszú Eszencia
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Price:420.00 €
Price / l: 840.00 €


Year: 1993
Location: Mád
Alcoholic Content: 7.5 % vol
Residual Sugar Content: 300 g/l
Acidity: 11.55 g/l
Content: 0.5 l

Contains sulfite.

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97 points, Wine Spectator
2x Gold & "Best Of Nation", San Francisco Wine Competition 2000

"Clear, deep amber colour. Clean, intense flavours of almost every fruit I know. Quince marmelade, honey, raisins, dried figs, date and tea on the forefront. Lusciously sweet, very well balanced with its high acidity and full body. Pronounced intensity of tart stone fruit, honey and everything else on the nose is there on the palate as well. The long finish seems everlasting, on my memory at least! Unbelievable. 100 points."

"A few times in a lifetime, you drink a wine that brings tears to your eyes and your body starts to shake from excitement. This just happened as I was decanting this for my supper with my wine buddies tonight. Easily one of the top five 100 points I have awarded. Just incredible. Thick unctuous, I'm talking Maple syrup consistency, the wine was silent as I poured it resembling light coca cola in colour. Black tea, marmalade, honey, brown sugar, coconut, mango, dried apricots, orange jam with a never ending finish. The greatest dessert wine I have ever had and probably will never have another like it again. Will last another 30 years. 100 points."

"Served with roasted foie gras at Craft. Deep, deep caramel color. Like the wine is 50+ years old. Just delicious, though. Caramel, butter, toffee. A little acid to balance, but no one is gonna call this 'racy'. Well framed, not cloying, but sweet, long and delicious. Wish I had more than 6 left of these."

"Tasted over 3 nights -yes a little is plenty -almost black like a very old Sauterns. Like a puree of seville oranges and tropical fruit that had been stewed down and concentrated -add some parafin wax, butterscotch toffe & coffe to the mix and voilla ... Not cloying or too sweet -it seems to be puzzling in it's ability to be so complex and powerful yet maintain an elegance and ease of drinking. Unique and probably immortal. This is truly a meditative sort of wine to be savored. The empty bottle sitting on the kitchen counter still smells great 3 days later! WOW."

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