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1975 Tokaji Essencia

Tokaji Essencia
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Jahrgang: 1975
Standort: Tolcsva
Alkoholgehalt: 5.8 % vol
Restzuckergehalt: 412 g/l
Zuckerfreier Extrakt: 116.9 g/l
Säuregehalt: 15.3 g/l
Inhalt: 0.5 l

Enthält Sulfite.

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"A very, very rare bottling of nectar. The color is amber-brown, flecked with glints of gold and green. This made from the free-run juice found at the bottom of vats of botrytis-infected grapes awaiting pressing into a paste, to be blended into Tokaji wine for fermenting into the more familiar, numbered puttonyos bottlings. This "essence" takes years to ferment, and must be aged at least ten years prior to release. Its rarity ensures an extremely high pricetag, but at least the quality is commensurate. The magical nose offers up scents of molasses, creme caramel, tea leaves, intriguing herbal notes, minerals, and slices of orange-like citrus fruit. As delightful as the bouquet is, it does not prepare one for the fireworks on the palate! Very sweet and unctuous on the attack, with bracing, zesty acidity to keep the wine light and snappy on its feet, the finish is a long, cascading, seemingly endless wave of botrytized, honeyed fruit and zesty acids. Utterly profound! 1997-2097. 98 Points"
John B Gilman

"This is serious nectar of the gods stuff. Especially, I must add, when drank out of Riedel's Sauternes glass... Colour was a viscous dark brown - motor oil anyone? Beautiful nose, the type that would cause smiles to break out across the room - preserved plums, raisins, chocolate, Christmas cake spices, earth, mahogany - almost umplummable depth, yet with lots of freshness. Palate was thick and viscous as one would expect, even thicker than maple syrup, but had some freshness lifting a hugely concentrated flavour spectrum of apricots, prunes, dried figs, raisins and orange peel that just opens up and spreads in the mouth. The finish just about explodes, and keeps lingering on and on. A stunning wine ... this bottle is one the very best sweet wines I have had in my life ... And who would have thought, it was delicious when paired with cold crab roe. 96 Points"
Winekakis' Dinner at Asia Grand Restaurant, Singapore (2009)

"A brilliant bottle to end a brilliant night... It had same motor-oil brown tones, with an incredible nose of treacle and molasses, dried figs, and preserved dates and plums, with a nice layer of chocolaty accents, a hint of liquered cherries and just a touch of earthiness - really rich, deep, compelling aromas. Wonderful. As on the previous bottle, the palate was super rich and thick, almost viscous in mouth, as if one took the yummiset handful of raisins and spiced plums, some toasted nuts and dried figs and cherry chocolates, mixed them with drizzles of honey and molasses, a toss of earthy spice, and then just melted the whole thing into a bottle of heavenly nectar... This was an amazing wine. Aged, yet ageless. It is absolutely delicious now, but will probably still be good 50, 60 or more years down the road. 96 Points"
End of the World Dinner, Nicolas Restaurant, Singapore (2012)

"Nectar of the gods. sweat licked off angels. 98 Points"

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