Essencia Tasting Set

Essencia Tasting Set
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Year: 1988.2007.2009.2012.2013
Content: 4x 0.25 l. 1x 0.375 l

Contains sulfite.

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5 bottles Essencia from five different producers.

You save 228 EUR, compared to single purchase!

0,25 L
Residual sugar content: 351 g/l
Lower sugar level but extremely rich with sugarfree extracts of 100,4 g/l. 2009 was a humid, rainy year up to the end of September, followed by a longer dry period, which allowed to harvest some outstanding quality. A characteristically fast maturing vintage with soft acids.

0,25 L
Residual sugar content: 493 g/l
"... One drop on my tongue excited every taste bud. It explodes and outwardly reverberates joy and juiciness throughout the body... sound familiar? I literally had to sit down. This needs no other flavor to balance it, just sip and enjoy the euphoria." (wine blog

0,375 L
Residual sugar content: 614 g/l
"The very warm and dry Tokaj vintages - just like 2012 - are strange, somewhat unusual. There are very few but excellent quality aszú berries this year, but the raw material has a very healthy and complex taste due to the severe drought. So a character that builds on a noble rot will be lush and firm, dense and soaked in fruitiness. Spicy flavors of fragrant grapes close the sip."
Mészáros Gabriella (

0,25 L
Residual sugar content: 478 g/l
A 100% Harslevelü Essencia from the celebrated Kincsem vineyard, which was once Baron Waldbott's property. Kincsem is named after the invincible Hungarian racehorse, that still today helds the unbeaten record of having won 55 races for 55 starts in the 1870's and 1880's.

0,25 L
Residual sugar content: 462 g/l
From the "Nyírjes" vineyard. Nyírjes was mentioned among the best vineyards of Tállya in 1950. The name refers to a birch tree grove, that was probably there until the 15th century, when trees were being removed for vineyards. Records from 1707 show the existence of seven tracts with the core name, with Koldus-Nyírjes being one of them.

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